0Km Nomads.org

0Km Nomads

Country: Ghana
Type of organisation: Non-profit foundation
Role in the project: 0km.NOMADS will be heavily involved in the implementation of the BIO4AFRICA case study in Ghana, supporting the community of Yagba-Kubori in hosting the pilot, as well as supporting  awareness raising, dissemination and capacity building activities, acting as a link between the project and the local, agricultural, nomadic population.

0Km Nomads.org is a transhumance pastoral development organisation committed to the development of grazing systems and the production, management and marketing of pasture to promote sustainable livestock production in Ghana. The goal of the organisation is to reduce the walking distance of livestock and nomads in finding nutritious pasture by an average of 200km within a grazing cycle and they work with transhumance pastoral development, development of grazing systems, forage production, management and marketing, nomadic livestock production, and water resource management, etc.