Pilot case Senegal

The pilot case in Senegal is testing technologies for processing local agro-forestry pastoral waste to biochar and bio-composites. Two pilot sites have been selected in distinct agro-ecological regions of Senegal (Peanut basin, Casamance region and the river delta). An HTC batch operation unit is being constructed in Senegal and tested with local feedstock of high moisture content such as Typha. In parallel, the pyrolysis process is being adapted to local feedstocks, such as peanut shells, cashew hulls, and rice husk. 

Any necessary pre-treatment steps required for crop residues to be used as feedstocks are assessed and optimised within this pilot case, which is complemented with a briquetting line, adapted to the needs of the local pilot sites and the desired properties of biochar produced. Biochar is being used as solid fuel as well as an additive in anaerobic digestion systems, as a catalyst and as a filter for biogas pollutants. The production of briquettes from local biomass to be used as solid fuel is also being studied alongside the production of bio-composites from local fibrous agricultural waste.