Posters & presentations

A key BIO4Africa objective is to share knowledge and results at international exhibitions and conferences.

To give a quick overview of what we're working on and start new conversations, our partners regularly attend events with a poster or presentation under their arm.

We've gathered some of them here. Click on the images to see each one in full.


Adaptation of pelletizing conditions to a set of agricultural waste from Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire

Poster presented by Benjamin Rabdeau, RAGT Energie
EUBCE 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
5-9 June 2023
Bologna, Italy



Bioeconomy boost for rural sub-Saharan Africa: adapting bio-based technologies to local conditions in rural sub-Saharan regions can diversify local economic opportunities and support sustainable community development

Poster presented by Aleksandra Augustiniak, James Gaffey, Helena McMahon and Tracey O'Connor, MTU
Research to Impact
11 October 2023
Cork, Ireland 



Tropical agro-wastes for environmentally friendly non-load bearing bio-composites and comparative analysis with wood panels

Poster presented by Souha Mansour, CIRAD
GDR Sciences de bois
21-24 November 2023
Limoges, France







Biochar production for producing adsorbent biofilter from agricultural waste for water filtration: Côte d'Ivoire case

Presented by Koffi Yao Guy Landry, CIRAD
French Process Engineering Society webinar (SFGP 2024)
12 March 2024 (in French)