Pilot projects

BIO4AFRICA develops, adapts and introduces bio-based solutions fit to the environmental, economic and social specificities of the African rural context. Following a multi-actor approach, with a zero-waste ethos and without compromising food security, the project offers African rural communities the means for securing, increasing and diversifying their income. BIO4Africa explores opportunities for increased feed adequacy and quality at farm and community level through the production of improved fodder for ruminants and protein-rich feed for monogastric animals.

The project will diversify income sources for farmers and livestock producers with products of diverse potential applications, such as aquaculture feed, bio-composites, bioplastics, additives in potable water and biogas production systems, relevant to urgent socio-economic African challenges. It will increase profitability and improve environmental sustainability of small-scale farming by exploiting common local grass species and leguminous crops as well as agricultural and livestock waste as feedstocks, as well as ensuring the circularity of nutrients, soil quality and energy security by exploiting bio-based technology combinations for energy savings, solid fuel and soil conditioner production.

The solutions are piloted in four regions at a variety of testing sites. More information is available on the individual pilot case web pages.