Pilot case Cote d’Ivoire

To bring new opportunities to Côte d’Ivoire agriculture in terms of food and livelihood security, this pilot case focuses on women farmers and livestock producers, as they hold the present and future of agricultural transformation in the region. Traditional, rustic ovens and adapted pyrolysis technologies are being piloted in forest and savannah regions of the country, utilising the most abundant local food crop waste types, supported by laboratory research work. Eight agricultural women’s cooperative groups are participating in the pilots, supplying the biomass feedstocks necessary and applying BIO4AFRICA’s bio-based solutions on their farms.

Biochar produced by pyrolysis piloted is being studied for its use as a pollutant adsorbent in water filtration systems. Two water filter units equipped with a solar pump and using biochar for water treatment have been constructed and installed in two villages in rural areas with no existing water purification system. The production of bioplastics and bio-composites is also being explored, by combining local agricultural waste biomass streams and biochar. Animal feed pellets are also produced directly by different kinds of available local biomass.