Pilot case Uganda

The pilot case in Uganda studies, in real-life conditions, the integration of small-scale green biorefinery in the forage and livestock agri-food system. The biorefinery tests protein rich leguminous plants such as Kalliandra, Tithuania, Blabla, Alfalfa, Mucuna beans, Butterfly Pea-Clitoria Τernatea, Lablab, and Apios Americana, local Napier elephant grasses and cassava leaves, which is processed into fibre/protein grass press cakes, protein concentrates and whey.

The feedstocks are provided by local farmers, who are supported in crops’ selection, weed control mechanisation, and harvesting, and the fibre-rich protein press cake resulting from the biorefinery is used as animal feed for cows, while the precipitated protein concentrate output stream is transported to local pig and poultry farmers as animal feed.

The small-scale green biorefinery is combined with an HTC small-scale unit, to produce biochar from manure as well as by the deproteinized whey stream from the biorefinery. The biochar produced is used as a soil conditioner, along with manure and struvite, imported from the Netherlands for the scope of the project.