Country Farm

Country: Senegal
Type of organisation: SME
Role in the project: Country Farm will be involved in the pilot case in Senegal by providing several types of agricultural waste to be used as feedstocks  as well as providing its premises for the demonstration of BIO4AFRICA biochar production technology and application in biogas production systems.

Country Farm (FARM) is an integrated, family run farm located in Djibonker, Casamance, Senegal that has been active since 2004 in cultivation, harvesting and selling of organic fruits and vegetables, production of agricultural products (jams, juices, dried food etc.), and chicken and pig farming. The company is active in the local and regional markets and currently employs 6 female and 5 male employees. Developmental plans of the company include the addition of fish cultivation to the farm’s activities, the improvement of irrigation systems with the modernisation of water pumping equipment and self-sufficiency in energy through renewable resources.