Founding launch of the International Research Consortium and LEAP4FNSSA Final General Assembly 14-16 September 2022

The Long-term Europe-Africa Partnership for Food and Nutrition Security for Sustainable Agriculture (LEAP4FNSSA) project is a Horizon 2020 Coordination and Support Action whose main objective is to provide a tool for European and African institutions to engage in a sustainable partnership platform for research and innovation on Food and Nutrition Security and Sustainable Agriculture (FNSSA). 

LEAP4FNSSA project is now in its last year and two pivotal events are planned to conclude the project:

1) A final write-shop involving all institutions that have declared their interest to be members of the International Research Consortium (IRC) – a long-term, bi-continental platform for research and innovation. The write-shop will culminate in the Founding Launch of the IRC. 

2) A final General Assembly which will bring together the 35 beneficiary institutions for a final ratification of key actions and decisions for the project and on the IRC. 

Both events which will take place in Accra, Ghana and will give external participants the opportunity to participate. The write-shop (14-15 September) will be face-to-face only, but the general assembly (16 September) may also be joined online. 

More information and registration here.