The third and final APRA e-Dialogue 23 March 2022

Agricultural Policy Research in Africa (APRA) invites to its final e-dialogue on agricultural commercialisation, agrarian change and rural transformation in sub-Saharan Africa. The series has examined a range of topics, including the emerging challenges and regional realities of smallholder transformation and COVID-19’s effects on food systems and rural livelihoods.

The dialogue will begin with a set of short presentations and expert commentaries, including:

  • Oil palm commercialisation, changing gender relations and agricultural transformation in Ghana
  • Gender and social differentiation in the context of Malawi’s groundnut commercialisation
  • Rice and sunflower commercialisation and differential pathways for livelihood improvement: A Tanzania case study
  • Politics, power and social differentiation in African agricultural value chains
  • Policies and strategies to support inclusive agricultural commercialisation and food system transformation

These will be followed by a round table discussion on key implications for policy and practice with audience questions, and finally, closing reflections from participants.

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