Survey on small scale bio-based technologies

The bioeconomy is a central element to the growth of the economy overall so continued improvements in biomass productivity and an optimization of biomass use, combined with a viable bio-business sector that can add value to farming activities and primary production, has the potential to drive a broader African bio-based economic growth.

At BIO4AFRICA we want to support the deployment of the bioeconomy in rural Africa via the development of bio-based solutions and value chains with a circular approach to drive the cascading use of local resources and diversify the income of farmers.

In order to do so, we are creating a catalogue of technologies with potential for being successfully adapted and transferred to different contexts across rural Africa.

Do you have a small scale bio-based technology*?
Please let us know by filling this quick survey.


*Small scale definition:  small-scale biorefineries are characterized by a small investment cost (less than 2 M€), a low processing capacity (less than 100 t/day) and a low process complexity. Ref: Ait Sair, A.; Kansou, K.; Michaud, F.; Cathala, B. Multicriteria Definition of Small-Scale Biorefineries Based on a Statistical Classification. Sustainability 2021, 13, 7310.