Problem statement

High production of agriwastes that can become an environmental problem.

Executive summary

Production of cosmetics from biowaste.

Technology description

The company gathers wastes from organic apples produced on an old family plot of land in Barge: Azienda Agricola e Agriturismo Magnarosa. Then they produce Apple Paste © up cycled, obtained by processing the seeds and skins of apples left over from the production of organic apple juice. The formulation and production of the final product is 98% or 99% natural, used for biocosmetics produced with renewable energy. The final product has nourishing effect and antioxidant functions from the naturalness of the fruit. Furthermore, recycled and recyclable packaging is used. They package the products with cardboard chipboard recovered and recycled by local actors.

Market deployment considerations

These technologies are modulable and scalable, as well as used at local or regional level, therefore, very replicable technologies.

Environmental considerations

The process is adapted to reduce the carbon footprint in the entire production chain, integrating only local, ethical, and sustainable suppliers into its supply chain.

Technology feedstock

orange peel potato peelings food waste pineapple waste waste

Type of process

cascade processing

Technology output




Technology Readiness Level







Private sector

Technology owner/developer

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