Problem statement

Agro-food waste could be valorised on site to produce bioenergy.

Executive summary

The BIO2CHP solution is a compact, mobile and modular 25kWel and 67 KWTH CHP unit that fits in the size of a container and combines the technologies of gasification and internal combustion engines. The unit is fully automated and operational with a variety of solid waste streams from agro-industry.

Technology description

The BIO2CHP unit is a power generator, at the size of a container, which converts solid organic residues into energy, on-site. What is now treated as waste is thus transformed into a valuable commodity, decreasing both energy & waste disposal costs. The 25kWel unit produces 187,500 kWh electric & 502,500 kWh thermal, in a yearly basis, consuming approx. a total of 187.5 tons of solid organic residues. A fully stand-alone unit, ideal for agro-food SMEs with access to solid organic residues & year-round heat & power needs. Fuels tested so far: Olive kernels, grape pomace, coffee chafs, solid digestate and mixes.

Market deployment considerations

A small-scale solution (<150kW electric) that can use untreated organic waste for modern agro-food industries that have high energy bills and produce large quantities of residues.

Environmental considerations

For every 20kWel unit , 62 tnCO2eq per year are saved, equivalent to the electrification of 9 households.

Technology feedstock

organic waste

Type of process

thermal process

Technology output

biochar electrical energy heat



Technology Readiness Level







Private sector

Technology owner/developer

Bio-based Energy Technologies P.C.
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