Decentralized refinery for local processing of cassava

Problem statement

The refinery enables local processing of cassava into products and intermediates overcoming traditional logistical challenges.

Executive summary

The refinery of Vieux Manioc BV enables local processing of cassava through mobile processing and refinery units which overcome traditional logisical and preservation issues when processing cassava.

Technology description

The refinery process has 3 components: an autonomous mobile processing unit (AMPU), a mobile refinery (MRU) and dryer.The AMPU processes fresh cassava roots into cassava cake using a high speed rasper which can release 98% of the starch granules in the roots. The MRU enables the extraction of cassava fibres from the cassava cake. The cake is then dewatered using a decanter centrifuge to increase dry matter, before being further dried using a flash dryer or mobile drying unit. The solution can be deployed at small-scale using a mobile system, or using a decentralized approach, whereby the initial refining steps take place locally and intermediate products can be upgraded centrally. This local processing approach helps to overcome the challenge of the perishability of cassava, which typically must be processed within 24 hours of harvesting. This short processing timeframe makes it challenging to transfer the cassava to a centralized plant for further processing. Using the Vieux Manioc BV technology, processing can take place close to the harvesting site within a short time frame, producing storable intemdiates and products such as cassava cake, cassava fibre and cassava flour, along with intermediate ingredients to further process into products such as sorbitol, ethanol and beer.

Market deployment considerations

Widely replicable in Africa given the scale of cassava production

Environmental considerations

Reduces transport emissions associated with transfer of high moisture content cassava over long distances

Technology feedstock

cassava starch

Type of process


Technology output

cassava flour cassava starch cake


Farm or community

Technology Readiness Level



Netherlands Nigeria Mozambique Ghana




Producers associations or cooperatives

Technology owner/developer

Vieux Manioc BV
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