Gas permeable membranes at atmospheric pressure

Problem statement

High production of livestock effluents.

Executive summary

It reduces the ammonia load in livestock effluents, recovering nitrogen in the form of an ammonium salt, with high fertiliser value.

Technology description

It is a physico-chemical process that, by increasing the pH of the effluent to be treated, favours the transformation of ammonium to ammonia. This ammonia is recovered by contact with an acid solution, producing an ammonium salt solution. The result is the reduction of the nitrogen load in the livestock effluent and the recovery and concentration of that nitrogen in the form of an inorganic fertiliser product.

Market deployment considerations


Environmental considerations

No, negative relevant environmental impact.

Technology feedstock

effluents livestock waste manure pig slurry

Type of process

cascade processing

Technology output

biofertiliser biosubstrate



Technology Readiness Level







Research and Technological Center, Castilla y León Agricultural Technology Institute (ITACYL

Technology owner/developer

Castilla y León Agricultural Technology Institute (ITACYL).
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