Making of packaging materials from zero carbonisation process

Problem statement

Waste is a growing problem in Uganda. Every citizen disposes at least half a tonne of trash each year. Only 55% of the solid waste generated in Kampala is collected and managed. And most Ugandan enterprises and institutions still send over 90% of recyclable materials to the landfill or incinerate them. This compromises the environment and creates pollution that lowers the quality of life for all Ugandans.

Executive summary

Circular economy model is promoted in Uganda so that people know that their waste is gold.

Technology description

The hand bags are made from agricultural products using zero carbon production process. The agricultural wastes are delivered through the waste suppliers, then it is sorted and the appropriate ones are mixed with water in carbon process and a straw board paper is developed. A multi take low zero carbon production process is used.

Market deployment considerations

Market is available

Environmental considerations

The products are enviromentally friendly

Technology feedstock

agri-residues plant waste

Type of process


Technology output

biodegradable bags



Technology Readiness Level







Private sector

Technology owner/developer

Oribag Innovations
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