Multistage anaerobic digestion process

Problem statement

High production of agriwastes that can become an environmental problem.

Executive summary

Treatment of any kind of agricultural and residential biowaste/residues.

Technology description

It is a mechanical-chemical or a mechanical-thermal pre-treatment with separation of non-fermentable solids followed by a multistep anaerobic digestion and final concentration of mineral nutrients.

Market deployment considerations


Environmental considerations

Engineering, maintenance and operational skills on a professional/business base are necessary, but the system's design is made to easily install it everywhere on earth, i.e. the parts are easily available and a cheap, most of them even very cheap.

Technology feedstock

agri-residues manure plant waste

Type of process

cascade processing anaerobic digestion chemical treatment thermal process

Technology output

biofertiliser biogas compost


Farm, Village, Community

Technology Readiness Level







Private sector

Technology owner/developer

xHochschule Flensburg Flensburg, Schleswig-Holstein, University of Applied Sciences
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