ORIBAGS Ecopulping and Packaging Technology

Problem statement

There are numerous bioresources in Africa that remain discarded or underutilised. Over 90% of materials are dicarded, dumped, incenerated or burned.

Executive summary

Manufacture of paper, packaging, stationary and other products.

Technology description

The company turns agricultural by-products and other paper waste into decorative and professional paper stationery, manufactured in harmony with nature and personalized to the client’s needs. After drying the paper, it has to be smoothen. If it dries under normal sun, the paper will be very hard and strong and so we use rollers to smoothen, making the paper smooth. Then comes a step of measurements, according to the standard size of a client needs. And then, they do the printing because they must be personalized according to the clients address, logo, or a specific trendy word that you need on the Eco bag.

Market deployment considerations

Biobased technologies remain underdeveloped in Africa. there is lack of knowledge and awarenesss about use of biobased products in Africa

Environmental considerations

Transportation of materials from farms, lifecycle assesment of products, etc.

Technology feedstock


Type of process


Technology output

gift bags paper paper board



Technology Readiness Level







Private sector

Technology owner/developer

ORIBAGS Innovations (U) Ltd
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