Packaging and disposable tableware solutions from agricultural waste

Problem statement

Agricultural waste such as tomato and wheat wastes and banana roots, among others, are not used, which has an environmental impact and a management cost for the producer.

Executive summary

BIOSOLUTIONS offers innovative packaging solutions as well as environmentally friendly and intelligent disposable tableware. In terms of packaging there are three options: Basic, with food grade additives or with aluminium laminate. The products are sustainable and innovatively designed, extremely efficient and cost-effective.

Technology description

BIOSOLUTIONS works with a local partner, (e.g. the NGO VIKASANA) who collaborates in the collection of waste from small farmers in the region. After this, the materials are cleaned and preserved (through pressing and drying). The processing consists of conversion to micro and nanofibres and subsequent moulding and lamination to shape them into tableware and packaging materials, and the products can also be moulded and coloured according to market needs. The final product is delivered to local customers and after use can be energy efficiently burned, recycled, or landfilled as it is biodegradable. The process avoids the addition of chemical additives and achieves low energy and water consumption. The establishment of BIOSOLUTIONS facilities is possible all over the world (currently they have implemented the system in Thailand), as they are compact and require only basic infrastructure. Depending on local demand and resource availability, it is possible to open multiple facilities in different areas of each country, shortening transport to the point of sale, significantly reducing CO2 emissions. In addition, production staff do not need special technical skills so they can be trained on site, creating local jobs.

Market deployment considerations

Infrastructure, electricity and water supply

Environmental considerations


Technology feedstock

plant waste tomato waste

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